Monday, February 11, 2013

Earthly Father, Heavenly Father

Mormon Messages

Happy Valentine’s Week!  We’ve been celebrating all month, but yesterday the kiddos & I kicked off the festivities by making a yummy rainbow chocolate cake, one of President Monson’s favorite desserts.  We discovered it in The Friend magazine.  We love The Friend around here – my girls look forward to it’s arrival in the mail every month.

I’ve been trying to make an effort to get to know our neighbors better.  There are 30 units in our building (15 floors, 2 units p/floor).  Occasionally, we run into residents at the pool, but we are one of the few families with children, and most people here in our building live a very private life.  We have a family goal to make contact with every apartment, and although we’ve made progress, we have a long way to go, BUT…our goal is the important thing, right?  Valentine’s week is a good opportunity to take a plate of goodies over, so…we’re staying busy with our little neighbor project this week. :)

I came across this video yesterday that reminded me of my husband and brought tears to my eyes! 

He is a hard worker.  I love him.  I am grateful more & more each day for the decision we made long ago (when we were engaged) that we would do whatever possible to allow me the opportunity to stay home with our children.   I am thankful for the strong desire I have to be a stay-at-home mom, the love of the home as the Argentines call it, but more importantly, for the efforts my husband puts forth to make this a reality.

Have a great Monday!


Sharlyn said...

Beautiful video. I need to spend more time watching those. I recently found your blog through the sticker project, hope you don't mind me stopping by :)
Sharlyn in Idaho

Julie Jackson said...

That brought tears to my eyes. So grateful for my Father & husband. Thanks for the reminder of the important things in life.