Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nine Years Ago Today

Nine years ago today I was standing on the top of Hill Cumorah in Palymyra, New York with my boyfriend.  It’s funny to think of my husband as a boyfriend nowLooking back, I laugh a little at the fact that I flew out there, to New York – alone.  I must’ve really liked him.  ;)

We had been dating since the previous summer after our dads set us up on a semi-blind date.  Jared and I grew up in the same hometown, but he was older than I was, and we didn’t really know each other.  I didn’t really like Jared after our first date; he didn’t think we were much of a match either.  I thought he was arrogant, and he thought I was too churchy.  He gave me a one arm hug after the date, and pretty much said, “Maybe I’ll give you a call.”  I kind of laughed and said, “maybe so.”

I told my Dad the next morning that I didn’t like him much - he was crude, and I couldn’t stand the music he was playing in his car.  My Dad asked if that was all, and I hesitated before saying, “I think so.”  My dad suggested that ‘maybe I ought to reconsider throwing him out so fast.’  (Sorry Jared, this is sounding really bad).  Later, I found out that Jared told his mom I was too spiritual.  I’m still laughing about that, but I guess something she said made him call me again. 

The second date was pretty much full of romance.  Horse riding, hair glistening in the sun, heads turning just the right way at just the right moment, and laughing to tears.  I’m not sure how everything magically switched that summer night, but it did, and we were struck by love.

I spent the next year on the phone, literally (my deepest apologies to my faithful roommates).  He had to go back to Cornell, across the country, and I had to go back to Paris, across the world, to study The Arts.  j/k – I went back up the road to BYU-Idaho, but still.

Love was in the air, and the following February, I left the freezing metropolis of Rexburg with wild abandonment (somewhat of a surprise trip) to seek out my true love in Ithaca, New York.  He in turn surprised me with a marriage proposal on the top of Hill Cumorah, on Valentine’s Day, in a blizzard.  He did get down on one knee.  He did open up a jewelry box with a beautiful ring.  He did tell me all sorts of wonderful things about me.  I did laugh and say YES, three times actually.  It was the perfect Valentine’s Day and the start of something wonderful. 

1-Ice Fishing- Valentines Day 04 023The day we were engaged - February 14, 2004

Dear Jared, I love you so much!  Please hurry home to me.  I’m sad that you’re in a different country today, but I know this won’t go on forever.  Be careful, and eat at my favorite restaurant for us.  Love, Me




Steph Thomas said...

That is cute. What a great Valentine's surprise. I loved reading the up and down of the dating. How fun.

Marcie said...

What a great story. Your kids and grandkids will love reading that someday. You guys are such a cute couple!

Meli said...

sharee you still look the same!!!

Malory Jensen said...

I am so glad you got married to Jarrd so we can be related! I live your falling in love story!!