Thursday, April 16, 2015

Acquaintance with Grief

In my acquaintance with grief I have diligently strived to be prayerful and observant.  In the process I have come to recognize that even the most mundane aspects of my life have been falling into a beautifully orchestrated symphony of necessary events under heavenly direction. 

I believe grief is meant to awaken our souls to reality.  We are much more than just mortals, and it’s necessary to KNOW that (not just believe it) at some point in our journey.  Life through an eternal lens takes on new meaning and purpose. 

If I truly believe in Christ, then come what may!  Death cannot kill what never dies.  Easter Sunday was a true celebration of this very truth.

"Sometimes in our sorrow we are tempted to feel alone or forsaken, but looking back, we recognize we were never really alone…nor were we forsaken.  I believe that in our grief we are meant to feel alone in order that we might humble ourselves to talk to God and seek an understanding that defies mortal senses.” - Chris Jones




Steph Thomas said...


Julie said...

I love this Sharee!

In perspective by Ron Williams said...

This is so nice. Wonderful part about grief is that we can share it; And in the process healing begins like a planted seed. In due time, due season; The sharing, like planting of seed, produces fruit. Little things which were not important before the grief, suddenly take center stage. The smile of a new-born, the laughter of children; each little thing taken for granted is now given a life of it's own. We love you guys, we stand with you, and we know that there is a time and a purpose for each of these seasons.

Zoanne McGarry said...

As your grief ebbs and wanes, you will find that the poem of "Footsteps in the Sand" is true. The savior really does carry us through the most difficult times of our life. We just need to recognize that He does. Life will get better and you will eventually be released from the deep grieving you are experiencing. I love your blog and I love you and your family.

Shine said...

I love when you share your thoughts and feelings, Sharee. You possess a beautiful talents in writing. My causes for grief have been very different from yours, yet with your words, I can feel empathy and connection. I too have learned that lesson from grief and can witness also that it is an awakening and does bring us closer to Heavenly Father. Love you!