Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pre-Spring Break

Let’s talk about my extended spring break for a minute.


I drove to Idaho with my four kids, and basically, let me just say that driving eight hours with four kiddos age seven and under with no other adult supervision in the vehicle besides the driver is not highly recommended.  Trust me.  Sometimes in life though, you just gotta do things that aren’t recommended, and for me, this was one of those times for a lot of reasons.

But I got creative (like we stayed in a hotel half way through the drive type of creative).  And there were tears.  And plenty of screaming fits.  And lots of potty breaks on the side of the road.  I really hate to even mention that last one, but seriously.  My two year old…it’s like every 20 minutes these days.    

(I can’t get enough of the above picture of baby Luke.)  His skin is silky smooth and fair.  I’m blessed to be able to kiss on his cute cheeks all day.  He smiles, but it’s usually with one corner of his mouth.  He sure enjoyed snuggling his many grandmas in Idaho. 

But first, let’s back up.  So the week before spring break, all six of us drove to Logan, Utah and back in a three day period. Now THAT was a road trip and a half.  

One of our dear lifelong friends got married, and we couldn’t miss the celebration.  He even had a flash mob wedding dance prepared for his bride that threw everyone for a loop.  It was pretty funny.

IMG 0717

We were able to meet up with my mom and the newlyweds (my brother Nate & sweet Emmy) in Salt Lake City.  My mom had just flown into the SLC Airport, returning from a two week trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, and surrounding areas as part of an LDS tour group.  

She was showing us her many souvenirs in this picture, and boy, did she come back with some amazing pictures and stories.    

IMG 0721

Anyway, we drove straight back home from SLC that very day.  Fast and furious, but definitely worth it.  

And that was our little pre-spring break adventure.  I’ll be back soon.  

The End. 


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Julie said...

I'm needing to kiss on those sweet cheeks again! What a fun time we had.