Friday, October 9, 2015

The Keeper's Program

I wanted to share a program that we as a ward primary presidency have recently implemented into our primary.  
I heard of something similar to this being done in a youth group in another ward elsewhere.  I adapted it some to fit our situation, but the whole concept was just awesome to me, and I felt that the children in our ward would benefit from it considering the size of our primary (over 100 children).    
I put this letter together and sent it out to all of our primary teachers via e-mail.  There have been a few quirks to iron out here & there (each class has such different needs), but all in all, it seems to be having a positive reception. 

In an effort to more fully teach our primary children the pure love of Christ, we have felt impressed to introduce a new program into our primary.  Although we are not aware of any bullying happening among our primary children, it can often go unnoticed in less obvious forms, especially considering the size of our primary.  Most of us know someone who struggles to feel welcome or has a hard time making friends at church.  

The Keeper’s Program is our way of looking out for “the one” and teaching these children what it means to be their “brother’s keeper.”   

Similar to home and visiting teaching, the idea is to give each child the assignment to look after another member of the class.  We are asking that you as the teacher make and distribute these specific assignments to your class members.  Please take the class time you’ll need to introduce this program ASAP.

Through this program every boy or girl would have someone to watch over, yet in turn, would have someone watching over them.  What does it mean to watch over someone at this age? 

1) Say “HI” whenever they see that person, make sure he/she is included, look out for him/her!  Simply put, be a friend!    

2) If they see that person being bullied (at church or at school), help them and report mistreatment ASAP.  

Swapping who’s responsible for who on a regular basis will allow each child the opportunity to love and serve more members of their class.  In addition, we ask that you take the time to teach all active members different ways in which they can fellowship newcomers or less active members until everyone is fully integrated into the class.  

Brothers and Sisters, thank you so much for your diligent efforts as primary workers!  Please prayerfully consider the best way to approach this program in your class.  Consider notifying parents of their child's new assignment in order to help this program be successful.  Just teaching these kids to be nice is not sufficient in helping them truly understand what it means to love one another as Christ would have us do.

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Scott and Mandy said...

Sharee, I just love this program! I'm so proud of you. I'd love to adapt this in Relief Society. You're my hero.