Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birthday Party in Idaho

Both Jared & I grew up surrounded by lots & lots of family – cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, & grandpas.  Birthdays were always a big deal in my family.  In fact, one might say my family went overboard in this department, but as I’ve gotten older, those celebrations have become some of my greatest childhood memories.  Every family has many different ways of showing love.  In my family, big birthday parties were a traditional way of showing love for one another.

Since my girls haven’t lived in neighborhood proximity to most of their extended family, I wanted to take the opportunity while we were in Idaho to throw AnnMarie a memorable birthday party surrounded by lots of family members who love & care about her.  So that’s exactly what we did - animal cupcakes & all.  (She specifically requested those). 




This girl has an amazing amount of grandmas.  A huge thanks to everyone who came & made this such a special day.  It’s August, & we’re still talking about it. 

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