Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Flagship Store Tour

Last month I toured the new Deseret Book Flagship store in downtown SLC.  The store is located almost exactly in the same spot as the first Deseret Book location.  The art collection was full of original paintings and sculptures including replicas of the original Book of Mormon. 



LDS Artist Michael Bedard happened to be painting on site that afternoon.  He was working on a new painting entitled “Ephraim Hanks, Angel of Mercy.”  (If you are not familiar with Ephraim Hanks, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read his personal account HERE.)  I was inspired to say the least.

“The beauties that surround us consist of two kinds:  those found in nature and those found in the fine arts.  The beauty in nature is our gift from God.  The beauty in the arts is our gift from others – artistic men and women of all ages and from all countries.”  - Belle DeJong VanWagenen

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shelly said...

Hi Sharee! You have a good blog--lots of entries, thoughtful things to think about, and another music website I'll have to explore! What a talented woman! I hope you don't mind me adding yours to my blog sites =) (tatersoftricities)
P.S. I love AnneMarie's comment about answered prayers with the cat =)