Monday, February 6, 2012

A Glimpse of Uruguay


My husband was in Uruguay a few days ago.  It looks a little cleaner than our neck of the woods in Argentina.  (I guess I’ll find out when I visit Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, next month.)

I’m literally within 48 hours of heading back to South America, & no joke, I came down with the worst cold ever.  Chills, aches, runny nose, sneezes, sore throat…yeah, all that garb.  Any suggestions??  I slept most of today away.

On a lighter note, I saw a hilarious melodrama in SLC over the weekend.  Who Shot Juanito Bandito? “Oh my heck,” it was funny.  It’s playing in SLC & Logan this month if you’re looking for something really really fun to do.

And last but not least, here is my little Olympic swimmer, Carlie Joy at her finest.


What’s that - you need a closer look??


This girl has no fear when it comes to water.  She’ll fight to the death & give it her all to swim on her own.  I’ve never quite seen anything like it.


Now this little one…well, let’s just say she’s a little more on the cautious side when it comes to water, like me.




Steph Thomas said...

I am on your side, more cautious.

Malory Jensen said...

I hope you made it back to south America healthy and not sick! I can't believe Carlie loves water so much! Both my girls freak if their faces get wet :)