Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Good Delay


Phew!  I made it back to Argentina…but only with the help of my little brother.  Nathan traveled with me, & I don’t know how I would’ve done it without him.  Traveling that far never gets easier, but I have gotten better at  taking in each moment a little more & enjoying the journey full of all it’s little surprises.

Speaking of surprises, we had a 4 hour delay in SLC which was extended by 2 hours due to an exterior decal on the plane that wasn’t positioned just right – yeah, I don’t know what that was all about.  While waiting, we spotted Elder Holland at a nearby gate.  This was a huge deal for us!  You can read more about him HERE.

Since it was a Wednesday, there were plenty of missionaries in the airport who wanted his attention, but he found a moment to visit with us.  It was amazing.  He asked, “So you’re traveling to Argentina…with these two little kittiesThat’s wonderful!”  His enthusiasm was a boost, & he was so proud of Nathan’s recent return from the Roseville, CA mission.  He thanked us for our efforts, & told Nathan to ‘keep that Roseville look about him.’  AnnMarie was so cute – she said she picked out her favorite sticker & gave it to him.  She appears to be going through her selection in the picture ;)!

We had a few mishaps in Atlanta, but essentially, due to the delay in SLC, we missed our flight to Buenos Aires.  Luckily, Delta Airlines gave us a free hotel voucher along with plenty of meal vouchers.  It was crazy, but after 3 solid days of traveling across the world, we made it.

As for now, I’m resting, adjusting, & enjoying my little brother.  I’m so happy to be with my husband again & especially grateful for the girls to have their dad back.


Katie said...

I love Elder Holland! Glad to hear you made it back safe.

shelly said...

That's great you're home safe and you saw Elder Holland. My favorite is Anne Marie sifting through the stickers =)

Steph Thomas said...

When I saw the picture I was thinking, "holy cow that is Elder Holland she is with!!!" That is crazy. He is my favorite apostle. He came here about 4 years ago for our new stake president. It was so cool to listen to him speak to our stake in Reed Arena and it was so personal. I have to admit I am a little jealous of you:) I am glad that Nathan was able to go back with you and that you made it home safely.

Idaho Granny said...

Wow, I opened up your blog and there larger than life is Elder Holland. What a wonderful feeling you all must have just to have been able to talk to him and feel his Spirit. He is one of my favorite speakers as well. I know you will treasure your time with him forever. I dropped by your mom and dad's the other day but even though the pickup was parked in the driveway no one answered the door. I went on down and visited with Marge and Cyp Gentillon. They still look the same as when I left. Give Nathan a big hug from me. I haven't seen him since I left Pingree so he has been on a mission and I didn't even know he was gone until you mentioned he had come back. I am so proud of him. He is such a great young man and always has been. Take care of that little family of yours....oh forgot to mention Steven (my youngest) and Melissa are expecting a little boy in July.

Rachelle said...

oh sharee! how do you do it? i thought we were brave living here away from family but you are so very brave and amazing. lets be friends?! :)

fun to run into such a special person at the airport. i'm sure you felt like you could do anything after meeting and talking with him.

talk soon!!