Friday, April 20, 2012


Carlie is catching her big sister, & she’s catching her fast.  I can’t believe it.  People always ask me if they’re twins.  She’s not as tall as AnnMarie, but her little face is maturing for sure.  That darn goose-egg on her forehead from two months ago is still trying to go away. 

A sensitive, mischievous, sweetheart she is.


Carlie’s not the only one growing.  Captain Wolfley is growing; therefore, I’m growing.


I taught in a district workshop last weekend.  Oh boy, that was a little stressful.  Jared snapped a picture of me incognito.  Here’s me trying to successfully teach,  ‘how to successfully teach music in primary.’ 

(Did I confuse you?) 

Spanish may have been rocky, but at least I smiled.


On a completely different note, I’m glad Jared’s home this week.  I’m feeling a little friendless at the moment.  Everyone thinks that because I speak English I must be British, therefore I definitely must drink tea all afternoon all proper-like with my pinky in the up position. 

I was invited to several coffee parties this week alone.  The moms from the girls’ school are very outgoing.  I went to one coffee party on Wednesday which was a semi-success, but I turned down one today (three hour commitments kill me people), & I think she (the mom who invited me) was not happy.  Turns out, the party was suppose to be in “my honor.”  I’m not sure what she meant by that.  Details would’ve been nice before I declined??

The only thing I can figure is that sometimes when I can tell people are watching me speak to my girls, I’ll speak with a British accent just for kicks, but then AnnMarie blows my cover by telling me that I’m talking weird.

Now that I think about it, if I were them, I’d think I was weird, too.  Ha!


shelly said...

You're funny. And Carley certainly is growing up! And finally, 3 hour commitment! Tough stuff. I bet it began at 10pm from what you've mentioned before =) That would kill me. Hope you're feeling well, you look great!

Julie Jackson said...

I stand in awe at the joy and laughter my three girls bring into so many lives. Especially mine!

Katie said...

Sharee you are so cute!! I looks like your adorable family is doing good! You also look fantastic! When is Captain Wolfley due? Cuz you seriously little belly! It is fun to keep up with your adventure!! How much longer will you guys be in Argentina?