Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Temaiken Zoo

On Jared’s birthday, we had planned to go to the Temaiken Zoo in Buenos Aires. 

We almost didn’t go.  It was raining all through the night, & Mr. front desk man at our hotel told us the zoo was closed.  I didn’t believe him, so we went anyway – I have trust issues sometimes.  Besides, it was Jared’s birthday for crying out loud – we couldn’t just turn around and go home.  That would be sad, AND I didn’t get eaten alive by mosquitos through the night for nothing.

When we pulled up, we entered the empty Disneyland-size parking lot and realized it was open.  It was merely sprinkling outside, but we figured we’d get poured on at some point.  We bought some rain ponchos & went for it. 

I’m so glad we did.

Seriously, this is how many cars were in the parking lot.


We’ll always remember having the ‘biggest zoo in South America’ to ourselves.

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We were literally inside the pen with the kangaroos (pictured below in the upper left hand corner).

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A lot of the birds were up-close & personal – a little too close for my comfort level.





There was so much to see – I feel like this little batch of pictures doesn’t do it justice.  We were enjoying the moment too much, I guess.  It was definitely a highlight of our experience here thus far.

Ta-ta for now!


Julie Jackson said...

How fun! We especially liked the pictures of our two favorite birds laying down trying to fly! (Ha, Ha)

Love, Mom and Dad

Katie said...

It looks beautiful down there! What a fun adventure. I can't believe how big the girls are getting. We miss you guys.

Marcie said...

What beautiful pictures! That zoo looks amazing!

rkkorth said...

Wow! Those pictures are amazing. It beats the hek out of Hogel Zoo....