Monday, April 23, 2012


The days are gliding by.  Nathan made it back from Buenos Aires.  He keeps things entertaining around here.  I feel lucky to live with my little brother.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever get a chance to live with him again, so I’m trying to relish in his humor for the next few weeks amidst the madness of life.

He’s intense about drinking mate (mah-tay). 


That makes my day.

Yesterday I spoke in church about the importance of self-reliance.  I spent most of the week preparing.  I felt good about my preparations & was ready to just get it done.  I used my great husband as an example of independence.  He’s always been so motivated to be self-reliant on so many levels.  I appreciate this more & more as the years go by. 

I talked about how when we first got engaged, he suggested that we put together a detailed budget for our first few years of marriage.  Little did I realize, this would become a very important part of our marriage.

We call this time our ‘companionship inventory.’  We use to be very religious about this little ritual (every Sunday night), but now we sit down together maybe once a month or so.  I look forward to this time when we evaluate our expenses, plan for our future, & discuss our finances.

I told the congregation that I look forward to this time when we evaluate our expenses, plan for our future, & argue about our finances.  Yep, it was classic.  At least I got a good laugh from the congregation. 

Jared corrected me from the stand.  I now know the difference between the verbs to argue & to discuss.  At least I didn’t tell them that this ‘companionship inventory’ started shortly after we hooked-up & started living together like I did in my first draft. ;)

Last night I talked myself into doing a load of laundry.  I try to avoid running the washer & dryer on Sundays, but Carlie was having a little UTI problem, & suffice it to say, I needed to wash some clothes.

The washer broke down half way through the cycle.  Crumb.  Luckily, my self-reliant husband drained the washer, finished washing all the clothes in the sink, & rung them out before putting them in our dryer…after cussing and showing me the real problem (a little label that said made in Argentina).  He has strong hands my friends, & the dryer still took seven hours to dry the clothes.  I now fully appreciate the spin power of a washer.  Oh my.  Who knows when I’ll have a washer again. 

One day we’ll look back at this & remember all the little things we worked through together.  For now, I’ll keep appreciating these experiences & chalk them up to becoming self-reliant. 


Marcie said...

Oh my, that is hilarious about your finance "arguments". I'm impressed that you could give a whole talk in Spanish though. And how fun to have your brother living with you for awhile. I'm sure your girls love having him around!

rkkorth said...

I am laughing out loud and this post. I am so glad you are sharing these hilarious stories.