Thursday, December 27, 2012

Still Going Strong


You might remember these two from HERE and HERE

Ayana was so happy that she was literally crying.  We delivered a sticker bag to her & her younger siblings several days before Christmas.  I gave extra stickers to Ayana because I knew how special stickers were to her.  The next day, she gave me the sweetest note that I know I’ll save forever.  She told me that she had been worried about waking up on Christmas morning and not receiving anything, but she wasn’t worried anymore because ‘her Christmas was full.’

Their little sister, Gabana:


True love:


When we returned from our adventures up north, we only had one day to prepare 100 sticker bags for MANA.  Jared stayed up with me until a late hour in the night (I will not disclose)…trying to get these bags ready. :)  I am so thankful for him.



Every Christmas, MANA delivers a box of food and eating utensils to 50 different families in Venado Tuerto.  They have never been able to include something for the children of these families.  The sticker bags were “heaven sent” and the perfect contribution to their cause.  Ziplock bags are non-existent here, but luckily, we had a Costco stash on hand that we decided to use; they fit into the boxes like a glove.


To finish off each box, Rut (the lady with the papers) would call out something like, “3 girls, 1 boy!” or “5 boys!”  AnnMarie was in charge of taking her the correct number of bags (with corresponding gender) for each family’s box.  It was incredible to watch her take this job so seriously.  She was really getting what was going on, and I was touched knowing that she had helped create something so big.


We had a little label prepared for each bag that said, “Jesus loves you.”  I put Carlie & this cute little Argentine girl in charge of putting the label on each bag.  It was a great system. 

Here’s one more sweet face you might recognize before I must dash:



Julie Jackson said...

I am speechless. Thanks for letting us share in such a small way. You have a huge heart and I am proud of you. I'm crying with tears of gratitude for such a beautiful daughter with a great husband and wonderful children! Thanks for making our Christmas here in the United States! Love, Mom

Malory Jensen said...

So cool sharee! You put so much time into this! Thanks for making a difference in so many kids lives! We need more people like you in the world!

Anonymous said...

Thank You
I found you from the D.N. I am thankful for your example and hope to do more service in my future.

: )