Saturday, March 23, 2013

A few favorite moments from February


We were lucky enough to have my parents come and visit us for a few weeks in February.  We had a time to remember, like when my father-in-law came last October.  It was awesome.  It’s just one of those things that doesn’t happen every lifetime. 

This was the first time in South America for my parents, so it was intense & crazy at times – like when we got stuck in a major traffic jam in Buenos Aires on the way to our hotel from the Temaiken Zoo.  We had to make it back in time for my parents to attend an 8 PM Tango Show downtown.  A 30-minute drive turned into almost 3 hours.  My mom & I were in the backseat of a truck with all 3 kids, and nobody got too crazy or mad at anyone.  We must like each other. :) 

Or like that one time when my dad really wanted to buy pastries by himself.  I stood back for a while to let him do it alone until I saw him fan some of his money out and say, “No bueno??”  like 3 times.  The cashier guy wouldn’t take any of my dad’s pesos because he couldn’t open the cash register for some weird reason.  We figured it out, but it was pretty funny.  My dad was doing a great job trying to speak Spanish by the way, but it was so endearing to see him just outright speak English to most people because he felt too uncomfortable not saying anything at all.

We saw some great sights, but most of all, we just enjoyed being with each other.  It made us miss all of our family so much, but we know we’re where we need to be right now! 

Earlier in February, we got invited to our celebrity neighbor’s daughter’s birthday party.  Say that five times fast. 


We were taking pictures of him & his giant-ness while other people were taking pictures of our American daughter(s).  Funny.


This weekend we’re going to enjoy just being together and relaxing.  I thankfully organized all of my 2012-2013 pictures which makes me so happy, AND I finally put my old camera to rest and opened my new one.

I’m almost done catching up each of the kids’ journals.  Journal writing is so so important to me.  I’m on Journal #12 for my lifetime, but I started when I was 8. 

Cheers to no more blurry pictures!  (We’ll see…)


JLH said...

Looks like a very fun february! I have to ask though (since we are pretty clueless about celebrities around here...), who is the celeb!?

Steph Thomas said...

I agree with the journal, but you are much better then I. In my children's albums there is lots of journaling and I like putting funny stories and things on the blog so I can remember them when I get to doing their albums. Way to go for you. That is very impressive.
So fun that you got to have your parents come visit you guys. What a great time and amazing experience.

Malory Jensen said...

I love seeing your parents with their grand kids! They seem like such amazing grandparents! What kind of gift did you end up getting for the celebrity's daughter ;)?!

Marcie said...

It looks like you had so much fun with your parents. How neat for both them and you that they could come visit!