Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Letter to My Dad

IMG 0742

(The last photo taken of my Dad, June 2014)

My Dad, My Hero, My Friend
I miss you.  Not just today, but every day.  I wish I could call you on the phone just one more time.  I can ask you if it’s bad timing or not to which you would then reply, “It’s never bad timing to talk to my beautiful daughter."  I’m so glad I always told you how much I loved you.  I know you love me, too - unconditionally.  Your strength gave me a sense of stability & safety.  I’m trying to be strong Dad, but the tears come like waves.  Someday we will understand why your life was shortened.  I continue to yearn for answers, but the Lord rebukes me and reminds me to, “ Leave it to Him.”  I know that you will continue to watch over me & my family.  Thank you for always making me feel like the most talented, capable young woman in all the world.  Thank you for genuinely being in awe of everything I was trying to become.  Thank you for being the most forgiving, compassionate, good-humored individual I have ever known.  Thank you for being MY Dad.  Someday we will meet again, and my joy will be full, but until then, I will strive to be a daughter that will make you and my Heavenly Father simply rejoice.

I will always love you until we meet again.


Julie said...

Tears, hugs, and love sent to you. Families Are Forever. Love, Mom

Scott and Mandy said...

Crying. Love you all so much.

Shiny said...

Beautiful!!! How fortunate you are to have him as your father. He is great, and so are you! Hugs.

Zoanne McGarry said...

Always remember his wonderful smile and the good memories you have with him.

Genae T. said...

What a great tribute to your dad. Your FAITH is a blessing in your life. Hold on to those special memories.