Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Four Weeks

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Last Sunday marked exactly four weeks old for little Luke.  With the birth of each child, my heart grows bigger.  I feel so much love for my children - not just collectively, but individually.  Luke has a special demeanor about him.  He occasionally takes a pacifier, but he’s perfectly content to be held really close, swaddled tightly.  

Each day has been a little different up to this point; he’s growing too fast for me to count on much of a routine, but the feedings have been spreading out more & more.  (Last night he slept from 6:15 pm - 9:45 pm, and after a cluster of feedings & wake time, he slept again from 1:30 am - 6:15 am, his longest stretch yet.)

Gabe always wants to “pet him.”  I love being home in the mornings with my two boys while the girls are away at school.  It’s kind of surreal after going through a chapter with two little girls always at my feet.  Gabe has been throwing a few outrageous tantrums here & there, but he’s trying his hardest to be a big boy, and I’m proud of him.  

It’s hard to explain, but I miss my other kiddos at times!  We’re all learning how to adapt to life with a whole new person in our family as I figure out how to meet everyone’s needs.  The girls are learning to be more independent, and we’ve had a few frustrating moments as a result (preparing backpacks, frantically looking for library books on library day, cutting up own pancakes, etc.), but I love watching their minds work for themselves, learning to really apply the value of self-reliance.

Man oh man, I’d like to share more, but I have a sweet newborn who needs to be fed. :)

Love, Sharee

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