Friday, May 1, 2015

Seven (but almost eight)

IMG 0670

Miss AM is growing up too fast, and oh, how I love watching her mature into a beautiful young lady…so full of ideas all the time, wanting to start a new club every month, lover of books and magical tales that “aren’t totally true, but still really really good!!  I just love it so much!” (as she’s jumping up and down 100 mph)!  

And so curious lately about money and jobs and how much things cost.  My goodness, she anticipates doing those money jobs every Saturday just so she can plan out what to spend her spending money on.   

She loves jump-roping and bike riding and “chasing Carlie around” and baking…yessiree, this girl loves to bake.  And I can’t forget all the note taking (her latest thing as part of the Spy Club she started last week.  Everyone is AIT - agent in training - so better beware) and journal writing, letter writing…ANY type of writing!  Just hook her up with a pen and a diary and this girl is good for hours.   

I could go on and on, but what I love most about AM is her innate ability to be happy for others’ successes.  I truly believe that it’s literally in her DNA to KNOW that if you are happy for other people, you simply get to be happy more often!!  She steps into the sun with the understanding that there is enough sunshine for everyone, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Let’s hope it lasts!  In a world that’s full of self glorification, cheering for others’ successes is powerful, and it’s one of the most valuable lessons I think she can learn.

I’ve learned a lot from her example, and once again recommitted to “become as little children.” 

Have a great weekend!


Stacey said...

Oh my...when you mentioned AnnMarie's spy club and baking, I couldn't help but think of when we would get together and play when we were little. Play dates that included talking into the TalkGirl for hours, making up what we thought were hilarious videos, and you can't forget our obsession with Scotch-a-Roos. We made an awful lot of those morsels of goodness. Sounds like you've got a girl that might be just as much fun as her mom! :)

Julie said...

I love this sweet girl! She is so sweet and kind to me. I love how she documents everything and is so faithful in writing in her journal. She is so bright and finds joy in the little things. Love you AnnMarie