Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Where I Wanna Be

Has it been two months already?  Why, yes it has.  I won’t overextend myself with regard to the busy-ness we’ve experienced as of late.  Life moves, doesn’t it?  I’ve been reading through some tender letters & cards that I received a few months after my dad died.  My heart is full as I reflect on life’s journey - the twists & turns - the enormous amount of faith that it takes to move forward some days, and the continued gratitude I feel for God’s plan at work in my own life.  

I tend to overthink things at times, so instead I’ll just do my best to relish in the simplicity these pictures bring.  

I love our house more each day.  This new year marked the longest we’ve ever been under the same roof (going on three years people)…which called for a house celebration.  For me that meant sprucing up the place & taking a few pictures of the upstairs before the holidays hit, haha!  I like the layout and the space we have here.  Things are always a work in progress, but I can honestly say that I feel at home here.    

DSC 2105

DSC 1951

DSC 1963

DSC 1967

DSC 1981

DSC 1894

DSC 1896

DSC 1990

Happy two and a half years house!  We’re happy to call you our home.



shelly said...

Thanks for the peek. I love snooping in homes:) ours hasn't been that clean since we moved in! I love your quilt and bedroom color. Anyway, beautiful space! Hope you're enjoying January. We pretty much live in a snow globe in Missoula, so come up anytime you want to sled or ski and you have a place to stay:)

Marcie said...

Your house is so cute! I love it. I never thought about it before but you guys have done a lot of moving around. I hope you get to stay put for a long time.

Julie said...

Lots of memories in that house! Everything looks so beautiful. I'm hoping for many more. I especially love Friday Movie Night and popcorn downstairs with you all!