Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday Week

This past week has been great.  My husband & my brother both had birthdays.  We celebrated with chocolate.

  Nothing like Duncan Hines creamy frosting & colored sprinkles from the States.

Jared & Nathan are almost exactly 10 years apart by one day.  (The candles have nothing to do with their ages – I put the girls in charge of that part.)


We took Nathan to Buenos Aires.  He started an International School there and will be staying with a host family for about one month.  I am so proud of my brave brother.  Here he is with Luz & Martin, two very good people who don’t speak English.


To our surprise, the house was full of seven other students from all over the world – Australia, Holland, Brazil, NYC, & England.  He’s in for an adventure, that’s for sure.  There was a common area outside & a very tidy itty bitty bedroom for Nate. ;)



We stayed in a hotel outside of Buenos Aires for two nights to make time for a Dr.’s visit, hospital tour, & a little exploring.  There was a storm the second night, and our power went out.  It was incredibly hot.  In an effort to cool things down we opened the door for maybe 1 minute, and mosquitos galore filled our room.  My face & AnnMarie’s left leg took one for the team.  I will not be posting pictures of myself (or AnnMarie’s left leg) anytime soon.

BUT we had so fun swimming in the rain and visiting the biggest & most beautiful zoo in South America on Jared’s birthday.



I have a lot of pictures to go through, but for now, here’s a glimpse of Temaiken ZOOPhoto courtesy of my little photographer, AnnMarie.

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Julie Jackson said...

Wonderful Pictures! Sure miss my marvelous family. Love ya, Mom