Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Long Life, A Small World

Look at these kids.  All Argentines, all Spanish speakers, all adorable.


AnnMarie & Carlie started school two weeks ago at La Escuela de Los Padres, a private Roman Catholic school outside of town.  For the most part, we were happy with last year’s school, but we also had a few concerns.  Mainly, the English resources – they became extremely limited.  Our girls needed more assistance than was available at the previous school. 

(Also, the lack of sinks was a problem.  Measles & mumps broke out towards the end of last year in AnnMarie’s class…still feeling grateful for immunizations.)

La Escuela de Los Padres is indoors, has smaller classroom sizes overall, & has a separate English teacher in each of the three primary classes (3, 4, & 5).  Carlie is in the 3 year old class, & AnnMarie is in the 4 year old class.  The primary classes have recess at the same time, so AnnMarie & Carlie are able to play with each other twice each afternoon which is great.  School is every day, M-F from 1:15 – 4:45 PM.



The first day consisted of a welcome ceremony along with an assembly for the students.  FYI, the Argentine National Anthem is long.  Everyone was singing with pride.  I just stood there & smiled with my hand over my heart while everyone stared at me.  (Apparently, they don’t put their hands over their hearts here; I realized that half way into the song.  I think I managed to recover by scratching my neck.  Oh, those moments can be painful.)



I am grateful for this long life we all have.  Most often, it seems as though life is short, & I suppose it is – a short book of long chapters I imagine.   I think those never ending pages are to be relished.  This long chapter I’m in will pass – & before too long, I’ll turn the page to another, looking back on all I’ve learned.

And I love that we’re all in it together – taking it day by day.  It somehow makes the world feel so small to me.

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Stacey said...

It is so much fun to hear what you're up to. What an adventure! I can't believe how much that class looks like they could be right here in the U.S. Hope the pregnancy is going well. Your girls sure are beautiful!