Friday, December 21, 2012

A touching turn of events

Last Friday our family drove to Entre Rios with a mission. 

We drove the 6 hours (the last 40 minutes on a dirt road).  We found the schoolhouse.  We had made it. 





We were literally out in the middle of nowhere in a guest house next to the school.  We faced mosquitos like I’ve never seen and the power was sketchy. 

We finished our final preparations for the Sunday night program where we would be distributing the sticker bags. 



Some examples of what was inside…



We threw a few of these little American treats in, too.


Everything was good to go,


and then it started to rain…


and it wouldn’t stop.


The party was cancelled due to the families’ inabilities to travel on muddy roads.

After panicking a little (maybe a lot), we did the only other thing possible. 


That’s right, we went to them.


this goes without saying that my husband was definitely NOT gung-ho about this idea like I was.  The roads were bad, really bad, and we were up against some major risks. 

Thankfully, we both felt like the Lord was aware of our efforts, and we put our trust (and faith) in Him. 

After several heart felt prayers and a few serious fishtailing issues, we started to find children.


Silvina, age 6


We were not always welcomed with open arms.  Some of the mothers were extremely nervous, and rightly so.  There we were, an American family, pulling up to their house, shouting in Spanish, “Santa’s elves! Santa’s elves!”

The experience was shocking for some of them which is why I didn’t always whip out my camera like some crazy paparazzi lady with an American accent.  We had to be sensitive and careful.  There were some very touching moments that will never be erased from my mind.  This whole process has been an emotional rollercoaster. 

We found a lifeless looking home where an older man lived.  He pointed us down a road that we did not know about.


We found this sweet mother who now has a Christmas gift for her two daughters, Melina and Soledad, ages 4 & 12.


Here is another home we found on that same road. 


Julio and Brisa, ages 2 & 3


We also found this brother and sister:

Victoria, age 8


Agustín, age 9


I have so much more to share.  We are continuing to get mail.  Thank you so much.  Earlier this week we received envelopes from Germany, Canada, Minnesota, Alabama, and the LDS ward in Ohio who had a sticker drive as part of their Christmas party.  We love you all. 

We have also received many envelopes from Connecticut, and our hearts are broken in wake of the Newtown tragedy.  We pray that angels will attend and comfort those in great need of peace and understanding at this time.

“We need to know that in spite of all the troubles and ills which befall us, still the Lord is governing in the affairs of the earth and that if we keep His commandments and are true and faithful to His laws, He will bless us here and now and reward us with eternal life in His kingdom in due course…”   Joseph Fielding Smith


Anonymous said...

That's an amazing adventure you embarked upon. I'm glad you were able to find lots of children. I took my 3 y/o to the mailbox w/ me yesterday; she pointed to the outgoing mail slot and said "that's for the children"...she was referring to the the stickers we mailed. Merry Christmas!
Leanna in TX

Scott and Mandy said...

I am so so proud of you guys! I seriously can't believe you drove all over the backwoods of Argentina for home deliveries. Heavenly Father sure knows how to keep us on our toes doesn't he? I am thinking of you. Be proud you are teaching your children real compassion and the real meaning of Christmas, even on ghetto back roads. They will need it in todays world. Beaming with pride. Miss you like crazy.

Julie Jackson said...

WOW Sharee! "Put your shoulder to the wheel push along!" So touching.
This entire experience you are having with your family has taught us all so much. It will be an experience you will never forget. The Lord's hand has been in this project from the very beginning. Love you lots!

Pat Wolfley said...

As I read about your experiences and all the good work you are doing I have tears in my eyes. This is a tremendous project you have undertaken and I know The Lord will bless you in your efforts and bless the lives of the children you have touched. This will be a Christmas you will never forget. We love you and Merry Christmas.
Love Mom