Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Week’s Schedule of Events

The Sticker Project is underway.  Here’s the rundown. 

Wednesday (today, Dec. 12th): open the 330 envelopes (2nd group) we got in the mail yesterday and organize stickers.  Amazing.   


We received envelopes from every state mentioned in the first group in addition to letters from Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, & Wisconsin.  Am I proud to be an American, or am I proud to be an American?!


Thursday (Dec. 13th): Prepare sticker bags with labels for the 26 students (15 boys, 11 girls) and 5 teachers at the humble schoolhouse in Los Perales (Escuela Primaria Nro. 23 Del Sesquicentenario).  I spoke with the director today.  The reception was rough, but after three phone calls, we finalized details.  She is going to try to e-mail me a list of the student’s names (depending on internet) in order for us to personalize the bags.

Friday (Dec. 14th): Drive to the school (6 hours away) and stay out in the boonies in a little guest house next to the school.  

Saturday (Dec. 15th): Explore.

Sunday (Dec 16th): Present each student and teacher their bag signed “Love, Santa Claus” (in Spanish).  They are having a special program that night – strange that it’s on a Sunday – but that is when we are going to surprise them with Christmas gifts – your gifts.  Parents should be there.

The following week we will be working with MANA and the LDS missionaries to deliver Christmas to approximately 200 more children in need here in Venado Tuerto. 

We can’t wait.  We’ll get to work.


Katie said...

Amazing! I am sure those little kiddos will be so excited and happy. Travel safely! Good luck.

Julie Jackson said...

So proud of you guys! What an amazing adventure and project. Drive safe and enjoy the moment! Love you!

Marcie said...

Wow, so exciting! Sounds busy, busy. It's amazing to watch this whole thing come together!

Stephanie said...

How Awesome! I wish I would have found your site earlier so I could have participated.


Scott and Mandy said...

Buy a letter opener asap! Love ya.

Scott and Mandy said...

Buy a letter opener asap! Love ya.