Friday, December 7, 2012

And So It Begins…

Okay, so this is what our dining room table looks like right this very minute,


and it’s only the first group of letters.

Is this for real?! Today I spoke with Ashley in SLC, the sweet girl in charge of our mail. She’s been amazing, and apparently, we have four more shipments on the way, FOUR! Possibly five after today. Unbelievable.

This group included almost 200 letters from 13 different states - Texas (tons from Texas, thanks y’all!), Washington, Idaho, Ohio, Montana, Indiana, Utah, Iowa, Oregon, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Wyoming.


Last night I told Jared that I was going to write all of you a thank you note; I feel like a simple thank you does not do this justice. I mean, seriously?! Wow.

We are doing everything possible to get these stickers where they need to go, and from the bottom of our hearts…thank you so much. To say we are touched would be an understatement.

I’ve been making a list, checking it twice…(couldn’t help myself), creating labels, and planning our schedule of events, drop-offs, etc.

This is going to be good my friends.

And lucky for me, precious Gabe (‘cutsie boots fatsie woo’ I say in my best Scottish accent) will come along, too.



Scott and Mandy said...

You would get carpal tunnel if you wrote that many thank you notes! Forget ours for sure. Putting that together is going to be a big enough job... Holy cow that is a load of stickers!

Scott and Mandy said...

I can not get over that load of stickers. How awesome!!!!!

shelly said...

I second what Scott and Mandy said, no thank you card for us, either! Wish I were there to help!

Julie Jackson said...

WOW! Wish I was there through all the excitement! AnnMarie, Carlie, and Gabe look so darn cute! Love ya

rpp said...

No worries about a thank you note. We're having fun just seeing it all come together. Love how huge it got but hope you're not too overwhelmed. Wish we could help! Merry Christmas!

MaryB said...

I agree with the others--no "thank you" necessary. I just wanted to help out and sending a few stickers is such a little thing. What you are doing is awesome!
Merry Christmas!

Sharlyn said...

My daughter was thrilled that the stickers she had outgrown could go to this fun project! I will be sure to show her this picture. ;-)