Monday, March 25, 2013

Our tan li’l chica


Little Miss AnnMarie started school up again about 3 weeks ago.  She is in the 5-year-old class now which means she has ‘English time’ every morning for 2 hours.  She LOVES this time!  It’s her chance to really shine and help her other classmates with a language she knows by heart.  Her teacher is Miss Adriana, and she is wonderful.

On her first day of school, she drew a cute picture for Carlie (the one she’s holding) to help her not get too lonely without her big sis’ around.  Sweet sisters.


She has grown so much over the past year & a half.  Her Spanish (Castillano) really amazes me.  When she first started down here, she was in the 3-year-old class!  Remember?!  My heart starts to panic a little when I think about her leaving all of her Argentine friends. 

We’ve come a long ways I tell ya’, and just when we’re starting to feel a little comfortable with things, change is once again on the horizon.


Steph Thomas said...

They might have a bit of culture shock but you have been back enough that it might not be too bad. I don't think you remember the Simmons but they moved to China for 3 years and when they came back their son had big culture shock, but they only came back once I think. What a great experience.
BTW I love her pose here.

Malory Jensen said...

Seriously. Can your kids get any cuter?! I think not! It's so fun to see your kids because mine are the same ages and they are doing similar things, well minus the Spanish stuff ;)