Thursday, January 16, 2014

driveway graffiti & a smidge of sunshine


The sun decided to say hello on Tuesday.  It felt so amazing to bundle up the kids and send them outside - except for Mr. Gabe was being a stinker and kept taking his coat off every two minutes.  I really wanted to try out my new camera, too…which I did.  I’m so excited.  Cheers to learning a new device!  Yikes.

The girls are writing something like, “piano lessons available, only day to sign up is now.” 

Piano lessons are NOT available at the moment.  Funny girls.  This piano teacher’s cup over-floweth. ;)

These January skies here in the canyon have been soothing.


This is Gabe being 19 months old and being stressed out about it (j/k).  Our boy has a concerned look most of the time, but I’m hoping he’ll soon relax and enjoy himself a bit more.  I think a puppy might be in our near future. 



Jason Hochstein said...

Okay. I am kind of a little jealous and how spacious the area you live in looks! So much open space. It's beautiful! And the fact that your kids are outside drawing with chalk. That brings in some serious envy. We'll be expecting snow well into April. About the only thing to look for is Maple Syrup season :).

Sharee said...

Laura, I LOVE maple syrup season! I have fond memories of visiting Canada as a little girl on a family vacation. A highlight was the maple sugar cream filled cookies we ate (shaped like maple leaves).
We feel lucky to have a big yard - I just hope we can take care of it the way I envision. :)

Steph Thomas said...

That sky is SO gorgeous!!! I love it.