Thursday, January 23, 2014




Last weekend we went to Leavenworth, WA - a quaint Bavarian Village that looks like it was scooped up from the Alps and set smack down in central Washington.  Leavenworth is known for having year round festivals, so we planned our trip around the Bavarian Icefest.

We stayed in Wenatchee (about 20 minutes away), and as we were pulling into our hotel, AnnMarie nonchalantly asked, “What language do they speak here?”  Oh, that made me laugh!  I’m glad to know that she understands how diverse the world really is. 

The Icefest was pretty much a winter playground for all ages, and my kiddos were no exception.  The girls enjoyed the snowball toss, ice fishing…for kids (it was totally fake) – but still fun, AND their all time favorite, the ice cube scramble. 


Ready, Set, GO!


There was a little toy frozen in each ice cube.  The kids loved it.  It was almost like a winterized Easter egg scramble or something. :) 

I couldn’t get enough of the shops!  Check out that kitty cat sweatshirt in the background.  That beats the wolverine tees in Jackson Hole hands down.  Oh yeah. 



Gabe looks worried about something. 


Maybe it’s these:


Yes, it’s definitely those.  Can you believe AnnMarie found those for $3 each?  Of course you can believe it!  AnnMarie is a natural radar to all things panda. 

1-DSC00903 (2)


There are more than 6,000 nutcrackers in this museum on display from 40 different countries! Wowzer


After carefully inspecting each one individually (no, not really), I decided that this one was the one.  And if I would’ve had over $300, I would’ve definitely bought it for my bagpiping brother – the wee li’l lassie he is.  



Two tired panda bears waiting for hot cocoa and one cheesy mama bear waiting for a cheesy pretzel:

1-DSC009141-Leavenworth 1-001

Now back to being creative during these cold days (sigh).  There’s nothing like a little get away to help January out. 


Stacey said...

Sharee- You have such a cute little fam. Talking to you the other night really made me miss you! It was so good to catch up. When are we getting together?! Love ya lots!

Julie said...

Loved the pictures! Brought back a lot of memories. Thanksgiving is great in Leavenworth too! Darling kids!

JLH said...

That place looks awesome! I had no idea this place existed. It really does look like you just flew over to Bavaria for the weekend. Lucky! We would so go check that out if we lived closer. The part that really got me was the sidewalk bricks - that's straight out of germany and Austria. Though, the sidewalk looked a little too even, it needs some trees pushing through the bottom to give some nice bumps. Looks like such a fun trip!

Sharee said...

Stacey, I loved talking with you, too. It was just what I needed. I'll be home the 3rd weekend in March. Come home pretty please? :)

Steph Thomas said...

That looks like so much fun and I love that your girls are aware that there are many different languages and cultures. Most Americans don't even realize that there is anything but English and America.