Monday, October 20, 2014

Gabriel, We Love You.

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Gabe is 2 yrs & 4 months old now.  He is such a good little boy.  With AnnMarie & Carlie both in school, the two of us have morning time, & I absolutely love it.  I will miss our one-on-one time together when the new baby comes, but we are both looking forward to “baby” joining us soon.  

Today Gabe accompanied me to my OB appointment, and the whole time we were there he insisted on holding my hand while carrying his little diaper bag in the other hand.  He has been a babe of little words, but the past month has been exciting to hear his vocabulary blossom.  Yesterday morning as I walked out of my room after getting all ready for church (actually wearing make-up people), he looked at me and said, “Wow, Mommy!”  

Yeah, it made me feel pretty great. :)

His favorite book is called “Little Blue Truck,” by Alice Schertle and I read it to him every single night; it’s so sweet to hear him try to read along with me, too.  (He loves books more than any of my other kiddos have at that age.)

So basically Gabriel, I love you so much little guy, and I can’t imagine our family without you and your golden cherub curls.    

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Steph Thomas said...

That is SO sweet. He just looks like he is tender-hearted.