Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Burdens or Blessings?

Most of the time, life isn’t exactly what we planned it to be.

BUT…I really believe that when we choose to see our burdens as blessings, life is actually better than what we planned it to be.  The un-expectancies of life can become vey rich experiences if we let ourselves embrace challenges as the great opportunities that they are.

Scenario 1: The primary at church here has never had a nursery or music time.  Up until we arrived, there was one teacher for all 15 children ages 2 – 11. 

Two hours of complete disorganization = absolute circus.  Burden?

Blessing! What a great opportunity to start music time & start a nursery.  Since there are no children in the branch ages 4-6 besides AnnMarie, I have taken it upon myself to appoint her as the official nursery assistant.


The new Venado Tuerto nursery: Gabana, Carlie, Rhenata, & AnnMarie.  (Missing is 3 year old Martina.)


Don’t mind me, just trying to count my blessings this week…

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rkkorth said...

You are truley amazing. Love your attitude.