Monday, November 21, 2011

Duck Tales, Woo-ooh!


Who doesn’t remember Duck Tales?! We received a package from my Mom & Dad several weeks ago – definitely a welcomed surprise.  Volume 1 of the “most memorable” Duck Tales episodes were in it…all 27 episodes!  Woo-ooh!  My husband is loving this if you can’t tell by the picture.  (After 20+ years of suspense, all those episodes that were cut-short from doing chores can now be resolved…without commercials.  So funny.)

Unfortunately, the package didn’t come straight to our door, BUT we did receive it in one piece just before Halloween, fruit snacks & all. 

THANK YOU Mom & Dad! 

We loved every bit of it!


rkkorth said...

This is such a classic picture of Jared doing what he loves best...watching movies (even if it is Duck Tails). I will be singing that jingle all night now :)

Julie Jackson said...

So glad Duck Tales made it! Yahoo.
Love you guys, Mom