Thursday, May 23, 2013

Same Soil

Twelve & a half years ago, my older brother Kyle received a mission call.  I remember it like yesterday.

Our little family was gathered in the living room with anticipation.  I could hardly stand the excitement.  When he read the words, “You have hereby been called to serve in the Resistencia, Argentina Mission,” my mom did the famous, “Are you serious?!”  number with the super-fast hand slap on the arm of the couch.  I was in awe  & extra proud to have a brother embarking on a mission for the Lord. 

I knew he would be a great missionary, but he ended up being much more than just great.  He weathered some unbelievable storms that to this day, stand as a testimony to me of the power of faith & the priesthood.  Kyle was severely burned on his mission and was treated by a Peruvian specialist here in Argentina.  His recovery included 2 months of complete isolation (with the exception of his specialist entering twice daily to care for his wounds). 

Elder Jackson, my brother, is on the right.1-julie3

Little did I know that I would not only see some of the same soil he trekked through, but I would LIVE in his mission country.  Resistencia is further north than Venado Tuerto.  When we drove to Iguazu Falls last month, we passed through a town next to one of his old areas. 

It was amazing to see the differences between Northern & Central Argentina.  The people are much darker up North.  The soil is red & clay-like, and it’s hot, hot, HOT!  In general, poverty seems to be the standard; we had to be cautious of thieves. 


In this next picture you can see how truly uncomfortable my girls were.  We had been in the truck for a LONG time and the sun was strong.  Notice the man on the left.  He approached Jared twice for money.    


Lots of trucks everywhere…


More Northern country and proof Jared still has his wedding ring… 


As for me, mine’s a goner.  More on that later, but before you have a heart attack, my real wedding ring is secretly hidden away in the United States. :)

Every single day, I’m grateful for my brother’s example.  It’s been nice to get-to-know Argentina, his old stomping grounds.  I wonder if Argentina must have something to teach our family, because hmmm…we keep finding ourselves here.  


Chris said...

Wow, what a difference and how scary. I am glad Jared still has his but I am curious about your story. Smart move to not take it down there with you. What are the odds of all of that. INCREDIBLE!! I know I will not be going to Guatemala, Chile, Panama, or Peru, that is for sure. My brothers will just have to tell me about their missions:)

Chris said...

That comment was actually from me, Steph. For some reason it still has Chris signed in from him using my computer earlier today. So don't fear of this new Chris person:)