Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Carlie!


The past few days have been filled with celebrating this sweet daughter of ours.  Carlie is the epitome of ‘little girl, and she brings so much joy into our lives.  Even though I’m always telling her to “talk softer please,” her cute chipmunk voice brightens my day.  She loves to “dress-up like a princess,” build forts, and scare me to death (jump off of high things, do front hand-springs on couch cushions, & play monkey on her top bunk just to mention a few).

But Carlie is very feminine.  She’s easy to please, and she loves life.  Her hearty laugh is so contagious, and everyone that meets her just loves her! 


We started off her big day with a tradition I always looked forward to growing up.  Every birthday morning, I awoke to a wrapped gift at the end of my bed. 

It’s been fun to continue this tradition with my own children.


I took her to a local beauty salon later that morning which was a big success…other than the fact that I walked up & down the same street at least five times until I found the place.  Sometimes the street numbers do not make sense here – it’s so funny. 

But I think she felt like a princess. :) 


Gabe was a sweetheart.


She enjoyed a daddy daughter lunch date


while I hurried back to AnnMarie’s school for the annual mini-marathon.  That was an experience to say the least, but I’m just grateful she finished.  We had major bike issues, but luckily a really nice mom stayed with Gabe while I ran by her side the last leg – all while the sidelines chanted “AnnMarie”  in castillano style.

1-DSC00330 1-DSC00328


Finished party preparations…


and then enjoyed an awesome evening as a family…with the missionaries.  We love their company on special occasions, and birthday cake always tastes better when it’s shared.

I started a new tradition by drawing a little illustration of how I depict the two of us this past year.  I’m calling this one, My Happy Helper, because she’s been such an eager helper ever since Gabe was born.  (I need to color it, but I’m going to experiment with my pastels, and it could get interesting.)

Love you Carlie.

1-Happy Helpers0001-001


Steph Thomas said...

That is so sweet. What a fun and VERY eventful day!! What a fun little drawing you did. She seems like one little adorable sweet girl. We always tell Allison to turn down her volume...yours is a nicer way:) Happy Birthday Carlie!

Julie said...

We love you Carlie! We thought about you on your Birthday and wish we could of been there to celebrate with you. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Good job AnnMarie on the mini marathon! Love Always, Grandma Julie