Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Early Birthday Celebration

For the past few months, we’ve been anticipating a birthday celebration for Miss AnnMarie.  Technically, her birthday isn’t until July, but since we’ll be in a different country by then, we thought it’d be perfect to celebrate here in Argentina with the friends and faces she’s known for the past 2 years.

I had a lady from our church make this cake for us; it turned out beautiful.  She really put a lot of effort into it for us - what a talent.    


I finally finished the Ruby Lou doll I was working on for her – much more on that later.


We rented a party place here in town called Saucecito.  There are so many party places here - it’s big business!  AnnMarie was beyond excited.  It was perfect to have a special gathering with all of her classmates and close friends before we leave. 




About 6 weeks ago, a family (originally from Rosario, Argentina), moved here to Venado, but they’ve been living in the United States (Georgia) for the past 3 years. 

I’m in awe of Vera, their daughter AnnMarie’s age.  She speaks English so well.  Her and AnnMarie have become such good friends.  Together, they speak English and Spanish,  it’s amazing – and cute to see Vera so excited about being in her home country.  It’s almost like she’s prepping AnnMarie to return to the States – so incredible these tender mercies that come into our lives.




Our sweet neighbor from downstairs came – love this girl.  AnnMarie was completely preoccupied about Juan Patricio ruining her cake.  Oh, I could fill a book with Juan Patricio stories…but I won’t.  ;)




This little guy filled AnnMarie’s pocket with tiny cut-out hearts the other day.  She thought they were paper scraps…until I looked a little closer.  Oh boy…I can only imagine what 10 years will bring.



Back to the party…


I will miss these ladies so much.  From the beginning, they’ve been extra supportive and helpful.  Because of them, I will always be more aware of a foreigner’s needs.  They went the extra mile so many times, especially in the early days when I could barely communicate. 




Hopefully, friends for life.  Oh, such sweet memories.


Happy Birthday AnnMarie!


Julie said...

As I sat reading, tears down my face, gratitude filled my heart for beautiful little AnnMarie! Can't believe she is six already. Wish so bad We could of been there. What a fun Birthday for her and her Argentine friends. Memories to last forever. Love you all -- Mom

Steph Thomas said...

That is cool and sad all at the same time. I am glad you got to do an early birthday celebration. Good luck to you in all of your prep work before leaving. When I saw the title I thought it was a birthday celebration for you. Happy Birthday!

Marcie said...

Oh man, you're making me tear up! What sweet friends you've made and how hard to leave them... I can only imagine. Her cake was beautiful and the party looked so fun! Best of luck on your big move back to the states!

shelly said...

Very sweet. Now I want to hear all the Juan Patricio stories =) He looks like he's got some "fun" in him!

rkkorth said...

I too look forward to some Juan Patricio stories :) happy early birthday to AnnMarie!

Lacey said...

First of all...I would love to hear more Juan stories. Second of all...that cake is darling! What beautiful friends. I'm so amazed of the Spanish skills you all have. That is absolutely awesome!!