Monday, June 10, 2013

The May Revolution Celebration

I’ve been anxious to post these fun pictures all week, but life has been a little crazy around here. 

Anyway, it’s always interesting to be an integral part of the Argentine holidays.  The May Revolution began the Argentine War of Independence back in 1810. 

Basically, it was a week-long series of events that ended on May 25th, 1810 in Buenos Aires.  Every year, the May Revolution is celebrated on May 25th – yet another holiday (and reason) for the people to take work off.  :)  The Argentines have so many holidays it’s not even funny. 

AnnMarie’s school had a special program in the assembly courtyard.  The weather was beautiful, and the students were all so excited.  AnnMarie and a few other classmates were able to dress-up as Paisana Argentina, a patriotic Argentine cowgirl with braids, boots, and a bandana.  

A few other classmates were “gossipy” housewives pretending to sweep the streets. 



Francisco (on the far right) was the Pope.  The people here are so proud of the new Argentine Pope…billboards, banners, lots of publicity going on. 


AnnMarie had to stand around with gauchos (Argentine cowboys) drinking mate (mah-tay). 



I wish I could’ve gotten a better photo of her in her get-up, but it was one of those days I tried to soak in…just enjoying the fact that we were all together as a family supporting one of our own. 

AnnMarie’s favorite part about the whole thing:



Julie said...

Very fun pictures! What a funny activity and holiday. Made me smile.
Love ya

Steph Thomas said...

I hope that she remembers some of the many things that she has gotten to experience being down there. Good thing you have lots of pictures to help her remember and a blog for all the little details.

JLH said...

what a great opportunity for her! I'm sure she will remember it as a great childhood memory.

Malory Jensen said...

She makes an adorable cowgirl :). Fun memories and pictures!