Wednesday, March 23, 2016

outside after supper & a few thoughts on Easter

OH - how I’m so enjoying this warmer weather.  My whole being just feels better when I can get outside and take it all in.  The cherry blossom trees around these parts are just gorgeous right now!  We’ve been able to get outside after supper which is always fun.         

DSC 2174

DSC 2176

Our tree project is coming along nicely thanks to Jared.  We’re up to 40 trees planted along our back fence line so far...with about 20 to go.     

DSC 2184

DSC 2188

DSC 2207

DSC 2213

I’ve been making a more deliberate effort this week leading up to Easter to just focus on & teach my children about the events during the final week before Christ’s Crucifixion & Resurrection.  THIS has been a great guide!  My relationship with the Savior has become a very personal one.  I know He lives!  I feel His love for me daily!  With Him nothing is impossible - and all disappointments in this life can be overcome. 

DSC 2170

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Julie said...

How blessed you are to have two girls and two boys! Gabe is riding that bike so well. The trees look beautiful. Easter has more meaning to me now than it ever has.