Friday, March 25, 2016

popcorn popping & thoughts on thumb sucking

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Luke is 15 months old now, and I’m pretty sure it’s been one of the fastest ventures from 0-15 months I’ve experienced yet!  Each child just grows up faster & faster, darn it!  

He’s happiest of all when he’s outside…or doing something really climbing.  Last month he climbed a box speaker in our basement.  He fell (of course) - leaving the bridge of his nose with a pretty deep puncture wound.  It scared me really bad, but he was okay.  I’m a little worried it might leave a permanent scar, but I’m sure it’s just going to take some time.

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And…he’s a thumb sucker alright, about like AnnMarie was.  Oh, I learned a lot about thumb sucking through our experience with AnnMarie.  She being our first child, I was so paranoid about her sucking her thumb, & I’m not sure we handled it the best in those early years (nagging, scolding, and just taking it out over & over again), but I guess there’s a reason the oldest child is often referred to as the guinea pig, right?  I remember noticing a few issues with the alignment of her front teeth and being overly concerned by it, but honestly, when I look back at her 2-3 yr. old pictures now, I don’t even notice a thing!  

I personally recommend against bitter tasting products that you put on the thumb itself (sticky, messy, and ineffective - at least for us).  AnnMarie was just so darn stubborn about it that’d she’d suck her thumb regardless of the taste and how long is lasted.  I tasted it myself just to give it a fair shake, and yes, it was awful…and stayed in my mouth for DAYS after...making everything taste like metal.  Yuck.

Even still…I’ve read that the majority of thumb suckers break the habit on their own before turning five years old.  Others quit closer to eight.  AnnMarie stopped completely a few months after her 3rd birthday largely due to an incentive program we initiated that motivated her to stop...but not until after A LOT of trial and error.  Given that whole experience, I’m not too concerned about Luke’s habit, especially during toddlerhood when he feels that he really needs his thumb and it truly offers him that secure, happy feeling he’s seeking.

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 Anyway, just thoughts for now.  Each child is so different, and what worked for one may not work for another.  Time will tell.  Regardless, there’s something very sweet about it, and I look forward to him waking up every day just so I can kiss on his fat little cheeks.  

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Julie said...

He is looking so big and growing up so fast. What a cutie pie. I can't wait to kiss on those fat checks too! If you want your Mom's opinion here it is: It's okay to be thumb sucker.