Friday, June 6, 2014

Welcome Summer!



Summer is off to a great start, and now that it’s pretty much here, I don’t know how I lived without it!  I took C & G to the aquatic pad at the Grange Park yesterday to soak up the sunshine, and we really had a great time.  It felt weird not having A there (school can finish any day now - one more week left - man alive), but I enjoyed spending time with just these two together.  G refused to wear his swim trunks, but at least I had plenty of swim diapers for him to sport around in.  Aside from applying sunscreen every 30 minutes or so, they seemed to be more into the play system than anything else - funny kids. 



Today all three kiddos & I went to a swim party at a friend’s family pool, and it was a "best day ever!" type of day.  Even though it’s almost been a full year since we moved back to the Tri-Cities, it’s taken time to adjust.  Although I didn’t expect it, it’s been a time of major growth and reflection moving forward into a new reality.  It hasn’t always been easy, and I still find myself struggling to know where I fit in, but when my heart turns toward serving others, everything falls into place again.  Today I recognized more fully the amazing women & friends surrounding me….and as I drove home through a peaceful farming community, down the mountain, & through the canyon to our drive (all while the littles lulled to sleep with the late afternoon sun on their faces in the backseat), I got that tingling confirmation that we ARE where we need to be right now...and that’s good enough for me.  




Steph Thomas said...

We still have a week left of school. I have been looking for a swim dress/cover like the one you are wearing, where did you get yours?

Stacy Jackson said...

How fun!! Gabe cracks me up in his swim diaper. He and Carlie look so happy. Looks like a great group of women to hang out with on a hot day!

Sharee Wolfley said...

Stephanie, I got it at Bealls, that women's department store. :)

JLH said...

What a fun start to warm weather! I can definitely relate to the unexpected difficulties of settling in. How awesome to have that confirmation that you are in the right place now - that is an awesome source of strength and peace!