Friday, November 30, 2012

Global Interest, Reinforcement, & a boy named Nacho

The spirit of giving is contagious.  We can hardly believe it, but The Sticker Project is turning heads throughout the United States, Canada, England, Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Australia, & Switzerland.

Please…take a look at the The Hochstein Family in Germany sending us stickers. Amazing!

We are humbled and completely in awe of your love and participation.

We have received several photos like this one from our dear friend Julie in Connecticut,


and we even received an e-mail from a retired sticker company owner who has been going through “rolls and rolls.” Unreal.

This incredible amount of support calls for reinforcement.

Juliet (Chu), me, & Matilde:


Thanks to a few good friends through AnnMarie’s school, I’ve teamed up with the local Catholic church. They are working to provide a list of 100 names for us by next Tuesday.

If you haven’t already sent stickers, it’s not too late! You know you want to, and you still have one more day!

Today Carlie & I found Nacho, a 3 year old boy who has been in & out of the hospital for the past 2 months due to an inflamed internal organ. (His mom told me what organ it was, but it was a word I definitely did not recognize nor do I remember). 

Regardless, we found him, and thanks to you, he’ll be getting Christmas.


Oh, and please please remember to NOT send stickers directly to our Argentina address unless you live overseas. 

Love, Sharee



Scott and Mandy said...


JLH said...

Awesome! You may need to make this annual ;).

Julie Jackson said...

What an amazing cute little boy! Can't believe his name is Nacho. Carlie was so cute with me on the telephone. She said, "Grandma, we found Nacho!" LOVE IT! What a fantastic Service project. Your darling girls will always remember it. Love Ya

Lyman and Allie Holyoak said...

Love his name!!! Happy to help NACHO!!!