Tuesday, November 6, 2012

moments I want to remember

Jared’s dad is here, so we’re enjoying lots of Grandpa Wolfley time.  We only have a few days left with him, so we’re soaking it in.  I’m grateful he’s here. 

I’ve been line drying lots of bedding on the roof of our building.  (Bed wetting makes for lots & lots of laundry.  We’re trying to be patient.  My two little nenas have been through a lot of change this past year.)

But…I enjoy a nice view of Venado Tuerto while I hang laundry,


and a nice view of this happy little face:


I drive AnnMarie to school every day. 


Her teacher and classmates are beyond excited to have her back. 


We decided to keep Carlie home from school upon coming back to Argentina.  Jared & I think she needs more time to adjust to all that’s going on in her life right now, including being a big sister.  It’s been good for her to be the ‘big girl of the house’ while AnnMarie’s away at school.  

My girls talk a lot about Christmas & Santa Clause. 


I love that AnnMarie is holding a craft book in that picture.  Those two and their crafts, oh my - it’s nonstop.

And last but not least, not that anybody cares, but I spotted a gray hair on my head today.  And yes, I’m sure it was gray.  A little traumatic, but I got through it. ;)  I won’t post a picture of that.


shelly said...

lol, cute kiddos as always. I was telling everybody about my first grey hair the day I found it =) We had a preschool outing to the fire station and I believe I mentioned it to the firemen. Classy!

Scott and Mandy said...

My darling Sharee! I have got to get down there asap and see you and your adorable girls. Those pictures make me miss you guys so much. That little Gabe just gets cuter and cuter. Tao Lindo!
Don't worry about the gray hair. I get em' all the time! Luvs ~

Stacey said...

Sharee Sharee! It was so good to see you. I keep thinking of how good it was to catch up. You are so much fun to be with and I am so glad to have a friend like you. I am glad you are adjusting back to life in Argentina. Your kids are adorable and that little Gabe melts my heart. Don't worry about the gray hair. That just means you are gaining character. Lots of love!

Julie Jackson said...

So fun to see my three adorable kids! We miss and love you all. Gray hair?
Who gives a hoot! It all means experience. Love ya!